Eradicate vision loss caused by diabetes in Singapore by 2030

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What’s included in the package?

U.P: S$25.00

Fundus Image

Acquisition of Fundus Image

Fundus image taken with state-of-the-art fundus camera by an Eye Health Optometrist. An effortless and hassle-free process that takes less than 10 minutes. No eye drops required.

EyRIS Selena Report


You can request for a soft copy of EyRIS report to be emailed or WhatsApp to you. Discuss your results with your Eye Health Optometrist. Click here for interpretation of your EyRIS results.

Amsler Chart Test

Amsler Chart Test

This test detects vision problems resulting from damage to the macula or optic nerve.

Objective Refraction Test

Objective Refraction Test

This reading gives an estimate of the Eye Power. Helps to determine if your existing glasses is suitable. Subjective refraction will be needed to determine your prescription.

Eyes are not just the window to our soul, but also our health.

Ken Tong Wei Jian

President of Singapore
Optometrist Association

Say No to Vision Loss platform is established not only to increase public awareness for eye screening but also making quality primary vision care more accessible.

Lai Teik Kin

Founding CEO of EyRIS

Harness the power of AI to save sight and prevent blindness

Professor Daniel Ting

Assistant Professor in
Ophthalmology with Duke-NUS
Medical School, Co-Inventor

Join us in the fight to reduce blindness. Technology that can be used to preserve the sight for millions around the world

Dr Gavin Tan

Senior Consultant, Surgical Retina
Clinical Director, SNEC Ocular- Reading Centre, Co-Inventor

Eye screening is now more accessible and convenient!

Ms Haslina Binte Hamzah

Senior Manager
SNEC Ocular Reading Centre,

Many eye conditions are silent before manifesting. Proud to be onboard the national initiative to screen for vision threatening eye conditions in my practice.

Lee Kai Hung

Senior Eye Health Optometrist